Lovely Bones

Essay title: Lovely Bones


people take life for granted and sometimes that next day doesn’t come around.

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You know we are

all guilty of this and it is time to get it together and stop waiting till the

last minute for friends

and family.

In Alice Sebolds novel “The Lovely Bones” the two main characters are Susie


and Mr. Harvey.Susie was a typical fourteen-year-old girl who enjoyed school

and was raped

and murdered by her neighbor.Her favorite teacher was Mr. Botte who taught


Harvey was Susie’s murderer from her neighborhood and was very friendly with her


Her mother liked his flowers and her father only talked to him once about

fertilizer.He believed

in old fashion things like coffee ground or egg shells to grow flowers.Susie

was the oldest child

in her family, she always listened to her parents and tried to be home by dark

like she was

instructed to do.Mr. Harvey was a lonely man.He liked to build things like

clubhouses for little

kids.This is where he would lure them in and sexually seduce them.

Could you imagine if there was an unsolved murder in your hometown?Would you


safe if the police had no leads?On December 6, 1973, it was snowing and Susie

took a short cut

on her way home from school through the corn field.It was dark out because the

days get shorter

in winter, the snow was lightly falling onto the broken cornstalks.Mr. Harvey

took her to his

underground clubhouse that he had built.Susie had told him that she needed to



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