Love and Hate “shakespear”

Love and Hate

In Shakespeare's play "Othello" there are two main characters to compare and contrast in this drama. Iago is one of the more interesting characters; Iago can be described as an evil, jealous, manipulative and revenge seeking characters. In fact Iago us so manipulative throughout the entire play that it benefits him, but also causes his wife Emilia, Othello, Desdemona, and Rodgerio to die. Iago's plots are skill fully crafted, and he pays attention to the smallest detail, proving his skill as a villain, so he manipulates all of those around him. As for Othello is a well honored man in the community, but he's also filled with jealousy and mistrust after he learns that his wife Desdemona has cheated on him.

Iago has two main actions and they are to plot and deceive. Iago hates Othello for two reasons. He believes that Othello had sex with his wife and Iago is mad that Classio was chosen to be Lieutenant instead of himself. From this hate comes the main conflict of the play. Iago plans to ruin Othello by carrying out a plan based on lies and deceit. Iago wants his own revenge for his own suspicion that Othello is sleeping with his wife Emilia. It's eating at him and he won't be satisfied." Till I am evened with him, wife for wife or failing so, yet that I put the Moor at least into a jealousy so strong that judgment cannot cure." (Act II Scene I lines 299-302) In other meanings "wife for wife" means that Iago

might have sex with Desdemona, but sex isn't the only thing important. Othello must feel the same horrible jealousy that Iago feels. Iago convinced Othello that Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair. Othello begins to doubt his views on Desdemona, and begins to think of Desdemona would really deceive him after all they've been through “I do not think but Desdemona honest." (Act III Scene III line 255) Iago uses honesty and trust that Othello has towards him and manipulates Othello into believing everything he says "My lord, you know I love you. I think thou dost; and I know thou'rt full of love

and honesty (Act III scene III lines 133-135). As for the death of his wife Emilia, Iago stabs her in her back because she unfolded the truth to Othello. Iago was so manipulative that he had Othello suffocate Desdemona.

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