Learning Experience – Reflective Essay

     When telling a person about my learning experience in my class with Ashford University it would be all good things.  Taking a class on line was a challenge at the beginning.  I was very nervous, because I had been out of school since 1986.  Ashford made it very easy for me by putting me in a Orientation class.  Taking this Orientation class was the best thing for me, before I started my regular classes.  Then in order to be successful  in  passing a class, you have to be very determined.  You also have to stay very focus, which was hard to do at first.  A person has to set aside so many hours blocked off to make sure you are able to complete your assignments that are due.  Since I have started class, I have learned that my study habits had to changed.  There is no way I could pass my classes, with the study habits I use to have.  When we took our LCI assessments, I learned that I didn’t like taking risk.  I found out that, I rather replace something that is broken  than take it apart and see why it’s not working.  I must say the true meaning to word learning is getting knowledge through being taught about something new.

     While learning, I found out that I was a dynamic learner.  I learn by asking question in order to get an understanding.  There are times I need step by step in understanding also.  I am a person who also learns with examples and hands on.  I need a break down of clear instructions.  Once I have these things I can proceed with my duties or task.  With my four learning patterns, I use sequence, precision and confluence more that technical.  In my everyday life, I like order, examples, detail and brainstorm.

     When doing my discussion I use sequence because, I need order and I have to review to make sure I understand.  It is very important that that I have a good understanding of what my instructor wants. In dealing with my assignments and quizzes.  I am looking for detail and order. It’s very important also.  I become a intentional learner by staying focus and being a deep reader.

     While learning through my challenges, I found out a lot on how I learn.  When it came to using FIT.  I was amazed in how , I was to use it.  To better FIT in the future, I learned that I don’t have to increase my Forge.  I found out that, I would learn to use tether in the future because of my first use with my learning patterns.  In learning about the FIT, I learned that it deals with the type of self-regulation that I need.