Essay title: Hello


1. The Christmas tree in the beginning of Act 2 is now stripped of ornaments, burned down candle stubs on ragged branches. The destruction and run down of the tree is like the way the characters lives are going. All of the characters have something chaotic going on their lives and they all are slowly becoming a wreck.

2a. The significance ofNora asking the maid if her children would forget her if she was gone for good is that she really feels sad about her life. This also foreshadows events that could occur later in the play.

b. This question could hint at that she plans on running away or killing herself.

3. Dr. Ranks comments could foreshadow his death. He thinks that when people are gone they are soon forgotten. Since he’s sick then his commentcould foreshadow his death.

4a. Dr. Rank thinks he is going to die and Nora feels like she wants to die which is why they have similar situations.

b. Rank wants a Nora but he cannot

have her and Krogstad wants Mrs. Linde but it never worked out. This is why their situations are similar.

c. Nora and Krogstad have the option to stay alive but Rank will die no matter what. Rank can not stop his death but Nora and Krogstad can.

5a. Nora and Dr. Rank have a fun and flirty relationship. It is obvious that they have chemistry but they are scared to do anything about their feelings. They seem to laugh and have affection for each other. Nora teases him until Rank gets too close and then she makes him back off.

b. Nora and Anne Marie seem to have a women relationship. Nora tells Anne Marie how she is feeling and Anne Marie listens. Nora must completely trust Anne because Nora says she would leave her children with Anne. They have known each other since Nora was little and have a close relationship.

c. Rank and Anne Marie treat Nora like a real person. Unlike Torvald, they treat her like she is smart and let her feel important and significannot

. She doesn’t feel like she has to be little naïve Nora in front of them. She acts like a smart and intelligent women. Nora is always put down by Torvald and he makes her feel not important.

6a. This shows that Nora and Rank have been talking for awhile and that since its dark out its easier for them to show and tell their feelings.

b. When the maid brings the lamp back into the room, Nora realizes what is going on because now its lighter. Before she could not see Rank and it felt okay to do what she was doing but as soon as the lamp was brought in she backed off.

7. Nora covers her ears because she doesn’t want to listen to what Rank is saying. Rank thinks he.