Harry Potter

it's only up to about page 300



Day 1

The book starts out with Harry secretly studying under his blankets at night, due to his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursley locking up his spell books, wand, cauldron, and broomstick at the start of the summer, frightened that the neighbors may find out that Harry was a wizard, a very special wizard at that, and that he had spent the last two years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry's separation from his spell books was a rather big problem, because his teachers had given him a lot of summer homework. So during the first week at the Dursley's, Harry crept downstairs and picked the lock on the cupboard under the stairs, retrieved some of his spell books, and hid them under a loose floorboard under his bed while they were out admiring the new company car Uncle Vernon had received. Harry decides it's late and he should go to bed, so he packs his things up and in pillow case and hides them under the loose floorboard under his bed. When he looks at the clock he realizes he's been thirteen for an hour already. He gets up, and stares out the window.

He see's a large strangely lopsided creature coming towards him. A few seconds later, three owls fly in, all of them carrying packages for Harry, one of them unconscious. One of them was Harry's owl Hedwig, the unconscious one was his best friend Ron's own, Errol, and the other was a handsome, tawny one carrying a letter from Hogwarts. Harry ripped open the package from Errol first. In it was a present wrapped in gold, the first birthday card Harry had ever gotten and the only thing he'd heard from his friends all summer, and a newspaper clipping, the present was a Pocket Sneakoscope, the card explained about Ron's trip in Egypt. The newspaper clipping showed that Ron's family, the Weasley's had won seven hundred galleons, which is wizard money. Harry then opened the parcel Hedwig had brought, inside this one there was also a present, a card, and a letter from Hermione, his other best friend. The present from Hermione was a sleek black leather case, a Broom Servicing Kit. The other parcel was from Hagrid, the Hogwarts Gamekeeper. Inside was something green and leathery, but before Harry could open it the rest of the way, it snapped, as if it had jaws. He seized the lamp, ready to hit it if it bit him, and then ripped the rest of the wrapped paper off, out fell as book. It immediately flipped onto its back and shuffled sideways across the bed, as if it were a crab. It fell off the bed and scuttled under the desk. Harry got down on his hands and knees and reached towards it. The book shut on his hand and flew past him, Harry managed to throw himself forward and flatten it, he struggled to get a belt around it and buckle it tightly so it couldn't bite anymore. Harry then opened the letter from Hogwarts, and found the Hogsmeade permission form, wondering how he could ever get his Uncle to sign it, seeing as they despise everything that has to do with magic. Harry went to bed glad for the first time in his life it was his birthday.

The next morning Harry went down to breakfast finding his relatives already sitting around the table. Harry sat down not even being noticed as always, and helped himself to a piece of toast. He looked up at the reporter on TV who was already half way threw his report on an escaped convict. Uncle Vernon started yelling at the TV. Harry then finds out his Aunt Marge will be coming to visit, and with each visit Harry had had a horrible memory to go with it. Harry finds a way to convince his Uncle to sign his permission slip to Hogsmeade as long as Harry is polite and doesn't pull anything funny around Aunt Marge. Harry decided if he would act like a Muggle; a non-magic person, for a week to go to Hogsmeade, he'd better start now. So he went upstairs put all his stuff away and told Hedwig she'd have to leave for a week, sadly once she was gone he put her cage away in his dresser.

When Aunt Marge got there Harry opened the door, tucked under her one arm her old, evil-tempered bull dog, and a large suitcase in the other. She burst past him hugging and kissing Aunt Petunia and Dudley, Harry's cousin. Thrust her suitcase into Harry's arms and went in the kitchen to have some tea. Harry slowly started to take her suitcase upstairs, the longer it took him the less time he'd half to be with Aunt Marge. By the time Harry got back to the kitchen Aunt Marge already had her with tea and fruitcake. The first word Harry said to her she had already started insulting him. Harry was already ready to burst out and be rude, but he didn't, because of the Hogsmeade.