A Dark Revenge

Essay title: A Dark Revenge

The time and place the story starts is very clear.During the carnival season about dusk is where Fortunato comes into the story.Since it was the carnival season Fortunato had been drinking.Both Fortunato and Montresor took part in the festivities by dressing up in costumes.Considering the time of night it was and the costumes they were wearing it seems fitting that something bad was going to happen.They could disappear in the night from the festivities and no one would notice, for Fortunato was a wealthy man and known as a wine connoisseur.Fortunato being drunk also showed that he would have even more reason to be overly confident when it came to his wine tasting.Montresor would use all of this to his advantage.

The darkness of the story comes into place as soon as they reach the catacombs.The ground was very damp.The walls were piled with skeletons.The ceiling dripped moisture as they walked though.To add to all of this, of course it was very dimly lit.This would be the perfect place to seek revenge on someone.A place where someone could be put into a tomb and no one would find him.All the aspects needed for the life of someone to come to end in a very dark way.

The death of Fortunato would come to an end here.He had walked into his own tomb.With two of the walls being huge supports for the roof of the catacombs and the third being the wall of the catacomb, all that was needed to complete the tomb was a forth wall.Fortunato would need.